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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of service does provide?

We offer two distinct services, Ready to Go and Personalized. If you wish to write your own eulogy you could order a ready-to-go set of eulogies. These will be sent to you immedaitely via email. If you have a little more time we can write a personalized eulogy or eulogy verse for you.

What will I receive if I order a "Ready-to-Go" product?

You will receive a number of sample or example eulogies. You can use these to write your own personal eulogy. At this difficult time you need all the help you can. Our eulogies will help you.

What happens if I don't like my eulogies?

We provide a money back guarantee on our Ready-to-Go range. As our personalized eulogies are written in such close consultation with our clients we simply adjust them to suit should you have a problem.


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