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Famous epitaphs

"In March 1912 returning from the Pole, he walked willingly to his death in a blizzard to try to save his comrades beset by hardship",
Captain L.E.G. Oates of the Enniskillen Dragoons
- By E.L. Atkinson British Naval Officer.

"Here lies one whose name was writ in water",
Robert Keats - Poet, his own epitaph.

"Life is a jest and all things show it I thought so once but now I know it",
Robert Keats - Dramatist, his own epitaph.

"Here lie I Martin Elginbrodde. Have mercy on my soul Lord God As I would do were I Lord God And ye were Martin Elginbrodde",
George McDonald - Scottish children's writer.

"Good friend for Jesus's sake forbear
To dig the dust enclosed here
Blest be the man that spares these stones
And cursed be he that moves my bones",
William Shakespeare
- on his grave in Stratford upon Avon church.

"Here lies the body of Jonathan Ground
Who was lost at sea and never found",
Captain Underwood
- who was drowned .

"Since I am so quickly done for
I wonder what I was begun for",
On an infant three months old

"Grim death took me without any warning
I was well at night and dead at nine in the morning",


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